Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When does enrollment begin?

The studio has open enrollment for the most part. Group classes are more difficult to start after February because of costumes and recital routines. If students want to start in March, April, or May, a private class is recommended until summer classes begin. This usually helps the student get used to the studio with individual attention to work on skills that will be beneficial in a group class.

Q. How do I know which class will be best for my child?

Set up a Meet and Greet class with the Director. You can do so by calling the studio or by clicking here.

Q. What is a Meet and Greet Class (MGC)?

It is a 45 minute one-on-one private class with the director of the studio. During this class, the student’s strengths will be evaluated and the best placement for the student will be determined.

Q. Is there a cost for the Meet and Greet Class?

Yes, $15 that must be paid online, by check, or by cash, in advance, once the class has been scheduled.  If the student decides to join the studio, this $15 will be applied to the first months tuition.

Q. When are MGC's scheduled?

Times are available upon request. Call the studio at 405 388-5048 or click here to request a MGC time and one will be set based

on the availability of the parent and the studio director.

Q. What does the student wear to a Meet and Greet Class?

Something comfortable. Sweats and a t-shirt, shorts, etc. Dance attire is always welcome. Your student does not need dance shoes for this class. They can wear tennis shoes, or go barefoot if they refuse to wear shoes. We will discuss the types of shoes needed based on which class your child enrolls in. The studio has many used dance shoes to share or shoes can be purchased at a very affordable rate.

Q. Can I watch my student's class?

I prefer parents or guardians to watch the MGC. If the student enrolls in private lessons, parents are allowed to watch as long as it is of benefit to the lesson. Some children work best with their caregiver watching every move. The studio is designed so parents can peek in on class without the student being aware of them watching.

Q. How much are classes at the studio?

Tuition varies depending on length and type of class. You can view a full list of current class tuition here.

Q. What other fees are due besides tuition?

$15 MGC charge. Monthly tuition charge(s). After a month of classes, if a student has decided to participate for the semester or year, there is a $25 enrollment fee at that time. Enrollment fees are also due yearly every September. But if a student enrolls April-August, their enrollment fee would not be due again until September of the following year. At recital, there is also a recital fee.

Q. Will my child be expected to wear tights or a leotard to class?

It is a goal for students to wear appropriate dance attire to class. But we understand some students have issues with tight fitting clothing and certain fabrics. All of this will be discussed at the MGC. Every effort will be made to make your child feel comfortable during classes.

Q. Does my child need to be toilet trained to begin dance classes?

No, but pull-ups are recommended if your child is prone to accidents. Our staff will not be responsible for changing students.

Q. Can I drop my child off for their dance class so I can run an errand, or leave and have someone else pick up my child?

This is discussed and evaluated on a case by case basis. Higher functioning students are frequently dropped off. We want the student, teacher, and parents to all be comfortable if a parent leaves.