Board of Directors

Aspiring Attitudes is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dance studio. As such, the studio is governed by a board of directors.

The Aspiring Attitudes Board is a working board comprised of men and women from the Oklahoma City metro area who are disability advocates dedicated to the success of the Aspiring Attitudes mission.

In addition to making decisions at regular meetings, each board member performs tasks that benefit the studio, such as writing grants, volunteering at events, or fundraising. The Board of Directors are the "volunteers in chief" of the studio.

John Galvin


John joined the Aspiring Attitudes Board in April 2021. He has one child (Keeleigh) who has been dancing at the studio for 3 years.

He was born and raised in Ireland, and has now spent half of his life in Ireland and half in Oklahoma. His hobbies include anything tech related, from tracking aircraft to mining cryptocurrencies! He wanted to join the Aspiring Attitudes Board in order to give back to an organization that makes such a difference in peoples lives.

Sherry Bradshaw


Sherry was born and raised in Oklahoma. She was a Special Olympics coach for 14 years and was introduced to Aspiring Attitudes by several of the athletes on her team who also danced with the studio. When the studio moved to its location on Western in 2017, she volunteered to help with social media, the website, video work, and also ran sound at recital.

Sherry wholeheartedly believes in the mission of Aspiring Attitudes. These days, Sherry volunteers in many different capacities around the studio and even volunteers in a couple of the group classes every week. She is eager to see how all of us working together can further grow Shannon’s dream of a dance studio for students of ALL abilities and help even more individuals experience the joy of dance.

Kim Cusimano

Kim joined the Aspiring Attitudes Board in the spring of 2021. She is the mother of four, and two of her children dance at the studio. She has seen firsthand the benefits of dance in her own children’s lives.

Over 25 years ago, Kim and her husband chose to build their family through adoption. She spends her days now watching and helping all four of her children navigate young adulthood. Two of her children have special needs, and she desires that they also have ongoing goals and opportunities the same as their siblings. Her background is in education, having taught in public schools, a private school, and homeschooling her children for a few years. She appreciates the value of different and creative learning environments, giving everyone a place to belong.

Deanna Myers

Deanna Myers was born and raised in Oklahoma. She attended both public and private schools in Oklahoma City and in the small town of Cordell. She went on to graduate from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Arts in Education and obtained a Master’s in Educational Administration.

Deanna taught school in Oklahoma City Public Schools before deciding to join the family business and take better care of her special needs daughter, Jennifer, and her youngest, Ashley. Deanna was also a board member of Jennifer’s high school, Trinity.

Current Board Members

Brook Tipton
Vice President/Secretary

Oklahoma City resident Brook Tipton is an advocate for children of all abilities. This desire for advocacy started young, and she began working in childcare at just 16 years old. With that passion, and her drive to help others, she attained her Masters in Family Studies and Child Development from the University of Central Oklahoma. Brook is currently a Child Development Specialist for the SoonerStart Early Intervention Program. Along with being a member of Oklahoma Association of Neonatal and Pediatric Therapists (OANAPT), she also serves on another nonprofit board with the Oklahoma Family Resource Coalition.

In her free time, Brook enjoys spending time with her husband, Matt, and their two beloved cats, Salem and Boyfriend. She is an avid reader, a devoted sister and friend, and a wonderful aunt to six nieces and nephews, who she adores.

Reem O'Donnell

Reem O’Donnell’s son Rami has danced at Aspiring Attitudes for two years. Recently his two brothers, Davey and Zayn, started joining him for some very special family classes. After getting Rami's autism diagnosis, Reem and her husband searched to find places he would be supported and celebrated. Reem has seen the benefits of dance for Rami and has a passion for spreading the word about Aspiring Attitudes to parents of children with all abilities.

She truly believes it takes a village to raise a happy child, and it’s by helping others through organizations like Aspiring Attitudes that we create the village our kids need. Reem lives in Oklahoma City with her husband, Patrick, three sons, two cats (Clyde and Galaxy), and hundreds of Rami's monster trucks.

Whitney Villanueva

Whitney joined the Aspiring Attitudes board in the spring of 2023. Whitney was born and raised in Oklahoma. She is mother to 2 children. She is a Pharmacist for +25 years and works at Norman Regional Hospital. Whitney was previously on the Autism Speaks Committee then the Autism Oklahoma committee. Her daughter,Melina,had been involved with Aspiring Attitudes for +15 years. Whitney enjoys baking, reading and being with friends in her down time. Whitney wanted to join the board to help in any capacity needed. "Helping whenever, doing whatever is needed " is what she does best. Whitney loves the inclusion piece of Aspiring Attitudes studio because she feels in life that everyone should be valued, loved and included.