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We offer a variety of classes to children and adults of all abilities. We also offer private lessons. Find out more about our class options.

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Classes are taught by a team of talented and experienced instructors and volunteers. Read more about our dance instructors and their passion for dance.

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"Hannah has been dancing for several years. In the beginning, we used dance as a time filler for Hannah never thinking she would make such huge strides. Through Shannon and Aspiring Attitudes, Hannah can follow more than one step commands, dance through an entire song, point and flex her toes, side step and so much more. I believe in physical therapy but dance has allowed Hannah to have a version of therapy to song, which is her favorite. We are so proud of Hannah and the many accomplishments she has made through dance."

_Tammy J.


Interested in finding out if Aspiring Attitudes is a good fit for your dancer?

Dance for ALL abilities

Dance has so many benefits for everyone, regardless of ability.

We're not your typical dance studio.

At Aspiring Attitudes, typical and special needs students have many opportunities to grow and develop as individuals as an integrated group. Students learn the art of true inclusion.

In our unique, fully integrated studio, special needs and typically developing students learn and perform side by side , regardless of any physical, developmental, emotional, or financial limitations they may have.

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