A unique dance experience where dancers with special needs and typical dancers share the stage!

Online Dance Classes

Aspiring Attitudes is now offering online dance classes through Zoom.

Class offerings for anyone:

Disney Ballet

Ages 8 & upA 45 minute class led by Shannon and Rachel for all ages and abilities.

It's ballet with Disney themed music.

Dance Party

Ages 8 & up

A 45 minute class led by Shannon and Rachel for all ages and abilities.

They choreograph dance moves to a variety of hits.

Just a fun way to get some movement into your day!

The above classes are available to anyone.  In order to attend, you must fill out the form

below and we will send you the Zoom meeting ID and password via email.

If you are able to, we only ask that you make a small donation

to the studio to attend these classes.

You can do that through the PayPal link on the form.

Contact the studio for exact days and times.  Due to COVID-19,

the schedule for these classes sometimes fluctuates.

Looking for a way to get some movement into you and your

child's day, at a time that's convenient for you?

Check out our online library of dance instruction videos.

We have everything from the "splits challenge" to tap combinations,

ballet combinations, jazz arms combos, to fun dances

with props and a fun way to "Dance it Out".  You will also be able

to check out some of the things that go on in our regular studio

group classes (check out the class folders for this).

There's a little something for everyone!

Click the link below (which will take you to our Dropbox)

and you can view or download these videos

(you don't need a Dropbox account for this).

So head on over and "Dance it Out"!!!

Click here for online library