A unique dance experience where dancers with special needs and typical dancers share the stage!

Thank you for joining us for the Dancing Into December Fundraiser. Because of COVID, we’re having to get a little creative with fundraising this year. As you may know, dance can be expensive. In order to make dance classes accessible to as many people as possible, we rely on fundraising to help with our scholarship fund. By participating in this fundraiser, not only do you have a chance to win up to $300 in Amazon gift cards, but you also are helping Aspiring Attitudes students of all abilities to participate in class.

We’re all learning to be flexible this year. So, we encourage you to let loose, have fun, and be creative! Just like our dancers!! We want this contest to be fun for all, so please read the fine print and be sure you agree to the rules before you sign up.

Want a chance to win a $300 Amazon gift card?

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