A unique dance experience where dancers with special needs and typical dancers share the stage!

This class will build fundamental concepts in the art of classical ballet. In the beginning, students will learn positions, skipping, and leaping. Later, they will progress to pirouettes and grand allegro.

Combo 1 & 3
Each class consists of a section learning ballet and a section learning tap.

Combo 2

Each class consists of a section learning ballet, tap, and jazz.

Contemporary Dance

Expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet.

Dance With Me
A class designed for a student to experience dance for the first time at a young age with a parent or helper.

Disney Ballet

Simple Barre exercises, stretching, center work, fun easy to follow routines, all done to Disney music.

Students will learn a classic style of jazz including kicks, jumps, turns, and isolations.

Junior Cheer
This is an integrated class with both special needs and typical students. This class will do stretching,

light tumbling, and low stunts.

This class is for the more advanced dancers who have already been on pointe for a year or more.

A beginning dance class. This class focuses on basic coordinated movements such as jumping, hopping, galloping, turning around, and following directions.

Senior Cheer
Practice cheer skills and learn routines with poms.

There are no stunts or flying, but there are jumps and kicks.

This class starts on a very basic level, such as heel steps, and progresses up to pullbacks and wings.

Group Classes

Private Lessons

​45 minute to 1 hour sessions that meet once a week. They are geared to each student's individual needs. Tap, ballet, jazz, or a combination of any of these can be taught.

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