A unique dance experience where dancers with special needs and typical dancers share the stage!

  • Classes are held at Aspiring Attitudes, 8014 N Western, Suite C, Monday through Saturday
  • New private students are accepted year round
  • Private lessons are available at the convenience of the student and teacher.
  • Placement in classes, whether special needs or typical, will be based on the student's individual needs and potential for growth as a dancer
  • Private lesson attire is determined on an individual basis with regards to the  needs and expectations of the dancer.
  • Dance shoes and proper dance attire are required for all group classes.

$25 Enrollment Fee (per student) to join studio

Group classes:

$30 per month (1 hour classes)

$40 per month (1 hour 15 minute classes)

(one class per week)

Private Lessons:

$55 per month

(one 45-minute session per week)

$70 per month

(one 1-hour session per week)

​$25 recital fee (Due May 15)

First group class can be attended for free

A trial private lesson can be obtained for $15
(if you then join the studio, your $15 fee will be applied to your first month's payment)


  • Group classes and private lessons are available for all styles
  • Students can be involved in one or several classes per week that are available for their age group

If you are a returning student, you may enroll through the parent portal.

If you are a new student, please contact the studio @ 405-388-5048

for enrollment information.